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World's Premier Lacrosse Club

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Dichiarazione Di Intenti
(Mission Statement)

The Italiano Lacrosse Club’s Mission is to aspire to the World Lacrosse Vision:

To encourage and increase youth participation in Lacrosse. To ensure a safe and positive playing environment for all participants. To instill life-long values of teamwork, dedication and a superior work ethic in the classroom and on the playing field.

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Our premier Lacrosse Club offers the best facilities & equipment in the World. Whether you want to improve your athletic performance, get in shape, or have some fun with your friends, register to join Italiano Lacrosse & shake it up with us! we are encouraging amateur sports and physical education by organizing, sanctioning, conducting, regulating, & governing amateur athletic programs plus activities. Italiano Lacrosse will compete in National & International tournaments in addition to showcases & exhibitions. Italiano Lacrosse will help foster the sport of lacrosse within educational systems & schools for Italians across the World.

Home: Welcome

Documenti Di Registrazione
(Registraion Documents)

Please email all completed documents to

Italiano Lacrosse Registraion Form

Ready to compete at the highest level!? Complete the attached document and get ready to get on the field!


Participation Contract & Consent Form

As part of our mission of keeping all of our team members safe, a consent form is required before the first day of practice


Physical Fitness & Medical History Form

Are you cleared to play!? We need this form to confirm that you meet all standard fitness requirements and that we are aware of any current or previous ailments!


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Domandi Frequenti
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Everything You Need to Know Before you Hit the Field!

Is Italiano Lacrosse Club a Traveling Organization?

Yes, most of our members will be from Italy, PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, VA, FL, CA, OR, & WA.

We are looking to unite the best talent across the United States of America & Italy!

Equipment Required for First Day of Practice?

The Italiano Lacrosse club will provide each member with a practice jersey & shorts.

You will need to provide a lacrosse stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, cleats, socks and a mouthpiece!

Is a Full Medical Clearance Required?

Yes- we prioritize safety first!

A child will not be able to participate in contact drills until a medical clearance release is obtained from a physician.

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Sponsorizzazione? Parliamo!
(Sponsors? Let's Talk!)

We are an emerging World Lacrosse Organization located in the Greater Filadelfia area.  Italiano Lacrosse has an overlapping presence across America, Italia, and other World Regions. Our programs are dedicated to providing our athletes the benefits of competitive sports on and off the field. Family and Community is the dominant force that drives our organization. 

We look forward to establishing partnerships with family businesses and organizations like yours. 

Our fundraiser and sponsor teams would love to speak with you about the great opportunities to partner with us. Go Italy!

Fill out the below and someone on our team will be in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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