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Pioneer CDJ 2000 - Virtual DJ Skin - Free Download

Pioneer CDJ 2000 - Virtual DJ Skin - Free Download

If you are a fan of the Pioneer CDJ 2000 and the DJM 900 Nexus mixer, you might be interested in this skin for Virtual DJ. Virtual DJ is a popular software for mixing and playing music on your computer. With this skin, you can have the look and feel of the Pioneer equipment on your screen, and enjoy some of the features that they offer.

This skin was created by Dodge57, a PRO Infinity member of the Virtual DJ community. He designed it to resemble the famous Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus and the DJM 900 Nexus mixer, with high-resolution graphics and realistic animations. The skin supports 4 decks, and has many functions that are available on the real Pioneer devices, such as:

Download File:

  • The "On Air" function, which shows a red light when the fader of the deck is raised and flashes when the track is about to end.

  • The Pioneer saving Hot Cues, which can be activated with the "REC/CALL" button.

  • The alarm that indicates that the left and right decks are not synchronized.

  • The kill buttons added on the DJM 900.

  • The LEDs that indicate the limiters activation on each deck, the master and the headphone.

  • 3 different views, with or without waveforms or with the browser on the whole page.

The skin also has a jogwheel rotation function, which is just for fun, and a help page that explains the intricacies of the skin. The skin is currently in 1540x1080 resolution, but Dodge57 plans to create other versions with different resolutions, an independent sampler, and a video mix version in the future.

If you want to download this skin, you can find it here: [Pioneer CDJ2000 NEXUS + DJM900 NEXUS]. However, before you install it, you need to do some things first:

  • You must install the "digital-7.ttf" font, which is included in the zip file, so that the skin is displayed correctly. You can also download it for free here: [digital-7 font].

  • You must install the PhantomDeejay Watchdog plugin, and activate it in the effect menu effect -> Other. This plugin is necessary for the synchronization alarm to work.

  • At the first loading of the skin, the browser (songs list) may not appear. Simply click on the list to be displayed. This is a known bug in Virtual DJ and Dodge57 is looking for a way to fix it.

Once you have done these steps, you can enjoy this amazing skin for Virtual DJ. You can also check out other skins created by Dodge57 and other members of the Virtual DJ community here: [VirtualDJ Skins](

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us through our website. Happy mixing!


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