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Review conducted by Collin-Vezina et al. reported that CSA is a major issue which affects more than one out of five females and one in 10 males globally.[12] In a study conducted in Brazil in 2009, the prevalence of CSA was 5.6% among girls and 1.6% among boys. It was also reported that boys had been sexually abused at younger ages in comparison to girls. More than half (60%) of the sexual abuse cases reported that the incident took place before the age of 12. CSA was found to be associated with physical abuse at both younger and older ages. The study also reported that CSA alone is accountable for about one per cent of the global burden of disease, but it is likely to be a risk factor for several other conditions like alcohol consumption, illegal drug usage, development of mental disorders, and spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which when pooled, are accountable for over 20% of the global burden.[5]

In the year 2010 in Karnataka, 107 cases of child rape, 125 cases of kidnapping and abduction, and 21 cases of procuring minor girls were reported which steeply increased to 142, 471, and 45, respectively in the year 2012.[27]

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