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The Club Ride That Should Have Been

Club ride leaders are expected to keep a ride on suitable roads, which means knowing the back lanes and quieter B roads, so a clubrun is a great way to add to your repertoire of rides and get a feel for an area.

The Club Ride that Should Have Been

Racing is the backbone and makeup of this team. This club has been in existence for over 14 years. There are many riders on this club with over 20 years of racing experience that can help teach and mentor new riders joining the team. We accept all riders on our team whether they are new to the sport or have been racing for a long time. Our goal is to help guide you and coach you to become a better rider, learn how to handle your bike at speeds and in group rides.

Being able to tap into coaching expertise is a big advantage of a club, whether your aim is to get into racing. Moving up categories should be one of your goals you want to achieve when joining at team.

Our clubs offers various types of discounts to riders who join us. Discounts vary depending on the products that are available to the team. We support the sponsors who support our team. Bikes can be purchased from our local bike shop Edge & Spoke. Other cycling manufacturer discounts apply once joining the team.

1.5 to 2 hour rides with these, and they have quickly become my favorite chamois. They feel really light weight and are very comfortable. They stay put, no riding up at my thigh or waist. And on hot days, the moisture wicking is appreciated. And i love the colors!

Love the Drift. So comfortable, light weight fabric and quick drying. Feels like I have nothing on under my outer shorts. The padding is plenty for longer rides. They fit true to size. I asked myself why I have been wearing my road riding shorts mt. biking when I should have been wearing the Drift. I am sold on these. so long road riding shorts when it comes to mt. biking, hello Drift!

I like the fit-- not too tight, not too loose. Not too long, not too short. I have thighs, so the shorter ones ride up. These don't. And the side zip pocket was a pleasant surprise to me this morning when I needed somewhere to put my keys.

Very comfortable, does not ride up, breathable, not restrictive. But most importantly does not feel like a diaper! As I see it you have two choices, get a sub 200g rock hard saddle and thickly padded shorts, or get a bit heavier more padded saddle and a liner with minimal padding. Of the two options, the second is the way to go for me.

At the start of a club ride, the ride leader should have the participants of that ride fill out the ?sign in sheet.? The sheet has the normal waiver that we have been using for a number of years. The waiver should remind the riders to be careful, and it may help protect us in the event of a problem.

All rides are classified according to pace and other characteristics. To pick the right ride for your skills and energy level, review the guide to ride classifications. Riders should be able to ride within the pace indicated by the ride leader. If you are unsure of your ability to keep up, start with a slower-paced ride. You can always choose a faster ride next time.

Club Ride is irreverent mountain lifestyle clothing. Mike Herlinger founded Club Ride between working at an outdoor store and racing bikes on the weekend. His vision was to create clothing that spoke to the lifestyle lead by the mountain bikers, hikers, raft guides, and ski bums creating their own opportunities in mountain towns. 11 years after inception Club Ride has spearheaded the bike lifestyle clothing category. It is still designed from a bike perspective but celebrates the outdoor pursuits of every weekend warrior working late to save hours for a long weekend or waxing skis at night for a powder day. The designs have improved, fabrics have advanced, but the soul of Club Ride holds true with irreverent style, technical fabrics, and mountain vibes.

I was hesitant to order the Montcham chamois in size medium, as I've gained a few Covid lbs and am between medium and large in other clothes brands. I was mostly looking for a chamois that came down lower on my thighs than the CR Drift mediums I've been wearing the last couple years. My Drifts have been drifting up into my groins causing me discomfort, so I figured they were maybe stretched out and that new chamois were in order. I was really surprised when I opened the Montcham box - they are not nearly as long as I expected. They also were not nearly as snug as I expected. I wore them in Moab this past weekend and thought they were okay but I definitely still had to occasionally drop trou on the trail and pull them down out of my groins. So I'm a snitch disappointed, but maybe I should be disappointed with my thighs more than the chams - perhaps I've lost muscle mass due to being old as dirt.

At some point on some group ride, a car will pass too closely or some unhappy person will yell at the group from a car. Escalating these situations can be dangerous, and during a group ride you are potentially endangering more than just yourself and involving other people in a situation they may not want to deal with. Individual cyclists and groups should absolutely defend the right to safely share the road, just remember that how you do that will reflect on the entire group. Be an adult, even when others are not. In the case of traffic stops, one hothead can get everybody ticketed instead of getting on with the ride.

Greetings what is the etiquette when passing another group. Yesterday our group passed another. The other group(from the same club) quickened their pace and infiltrated us. Our group then had to up the pace to get away and we dropped some of our riders.

With a little practice standing up (and sitting back down) can be completely transparent to the rider behind you. I was taught to pedal yourself out of the saddle, and pedal back into it (instead of just plopping back down). This eliminates the the momentary coasting that can cause kickback. I was taught about shifting to a harder gear as well and that can help if you can do it reliably without coasting.

Another bit of safety advice is to manage the size of the group. Our club has 65 members and the Sunday turnout is usually 30-40 riders. We split into A,B and sometimes C level groups. A double pace line of 14-18 riders is easier to manage, and easier for cars to pass. Win-win.

The club schedules weekly rides each weekend throughout the year. During the summer, the club also schedules week day evening rides and overnight rides. Ride distances range from 15 to 100 miles. Many routes are specially designed for novices. Non-members are welcome on club rides. All rides have assigned ride coordinators. Each ride participant must sign a release and waiver of liability before the ride and must wear a helmet meeting CPSC requirements.

The club annually sponsors two event rides which are widely publicized and draw cyclists from throughout the Northwest. The Monster Cookie Metric Century Bicycle Ride will be held on May 7, 2023. The date for the 2023 Peach of a Century will be announced soon.

The club's newsletter, Spokes, is published 10 times each year. The newsletter provides members with the monthly rides list and includes other information and articles of interest to local bicyclists. The current and past issues of the newsletter and information on how to submit articles for publication are available on-line.

No one wants to talk about the legal consequences of what is supposed to be a fun and carefree sport. However, I already broke that rule when I started a discussion on negligence in group ride liability, part 1.

In the world of bicycles, clubs have been incorporating to protect their organizers from legal consequences for years. They accomplish this by registering the club or group as a corporation in their local state. Typically, a club or group ride elects to incorporate as 501(c) non-profit organization. They qualify for non-profit status because they are in it for the betterment of society.

All incorporated clubs or group rides should obtain insurance. The insurance policy will cover the cost of a lawyer to defend your club or group ride, in the event that someone sues it. In addition, the policy will cover the cost of a settlement or liability judgment up to the amount of your coverage.

If you decide to incorporate your club or sponsored group ride, have your members sign a waiver of liability as well. A waiver acts as a legally binding agreement between the participant and club or group ride. It provides that the participant will not sue the club, group ride, or other riders for an injury they suffered during the event. The waiver is also evidence that the rider accepted and acknowledges the risk of injury, which provides a strong defense to your club or group ride if they attempt to bring a lawsuit against it.

Today, outlaw clubs do not all necessarily have ties to criminal behavior at large, but many have been recognized as being involved with crime families, gangs, and drug smuggling. The general persona of these clubs is a rejection of authority. However, many MCs have their own hierarchy of authority and unfortunately, do take part in illegal activity.

You will need to define where exactly your club will be based out of and the region it will cover and what other motorcycle clubs are that exist in your area. You also want to research what their colors are (patches they often wear on the back of jackets).

You will need to do your research on the local colors of clubs and if you decide to have some for your own if any former clubs were disbanded that may have used these colors. Some could have been parted for dishonorable reasons.

Zwift has always been about connecting cyclists from around the world, and since early beta days volunteers from the Zwift community have helped make that vision a reality by leading group rides on the platform.

A ride that has been less than perfectly executed usually results in cold glares, a missing rider (dropped somewhere along the route or ridden off in a huff) and a severely reduced chance of a repeat meeting.


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