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CorelDRAW Help | Add, duplicate, and delete pages

it contains six new specialized modules: the landscape module, shape module, freeform tool, cerlw pro module, shape tools, and xact module. these modules work together to bring you the most comprehensive collection of new shapes, tools, and functions ever released by corel. additionally, there are free tutorials available for the user on how to use the software.

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corel draw has dozens of innovative new features that make the program even better than before, with incredibly easy drawing and editing as well as powerful drawing tools. weve completely revamped the design of corel draw: its now easier to use and more intuitive. corel draw x3 improves the drawing functions in coreldraw by allowing designers to use more precise drawing tools, more efficient layout, and better drawing techniques when they create animations, illustrations, and web graphics. new drawing tools in corel draw x3 allow for better control of vector and raster images. the image-creation section also has several new tools and functions. in addition to its incredibly easy drawing, corel draw x3 also offers advanced functions and editing tools. new layout tools in corel draw allow you to move objects around on an image and to resize them using the warp tool. the crop tool allows you to transform a page, or a rectangle on the page, into a new object. new eraser tools in corel draw allow you to erase or brush in the most intuitive way possible, while the pen tool makes complicated drawing tasks easier. clip art and graphics now in coreldraw x3. with clip art and graphics, every image is an idea. from data, to animal characters, to place-mapping, clip art and graphics are powerful tools that enhance any design.


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