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What's New in Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK? Find Out Here and Download Now

Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK: A Planet Destruction Simulator for Android

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to destroy a planet with a nuclear missile, a laser beam, or an asteroid? If you are a space lover who enjoys watching planets explode and crumble, then you might want to try Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK, a planet destruction simulator for Android devices.

solar smash 1.8.1 apk

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What is Solar Smash?

A game that lets you destroy planets with various weapons

Solar Smash is a game developed by Paradyme Games that allows you to use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet of your choice. You can choose from nuclear missiles, lasers, asteroids, black holes, aliens, and more. You can also customize your weapons by changing their size, speed, color, and angle.

A game that features realistic graphics, physics, and sound effects

Solar Smash boasts of realistic graphics that show the details of the planets and their surfaces, as well as the effects of the weapons on them. The game also uses realistic physics that simulate how the planets react to the impact of the weapons, such as breaking apart, spinning, exploding, or collapsing. The game also has immersive sound effects that match the visuals and enhance the experience.

A game that has different modes, planets, and weapons to choose from

Solar Smash has two main modes: Planet Smash and System Smash. In Planet Smash mode, you can choose from a list of planets to destroy, such as Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, or even the Moon. You can also draw your own planet by using the pen tool. In System Smash mode, you can choose from a list of solar systems to destroy, such as the Solar System, the Alpha Centauri System, the Trappist-1 System, or the Kepler-90 System. You can also create your own system by adding planets and stars. You can also switch between different weapons by using the menu on the bottom of the screen.

What is new in Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK?

Bug fixes and performance improvements

The latest version of Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK has fixed some bugs and improved the performance of the game. Some of the bugs that were fixed include the black screen issue, the weapon selection issue, and the planet rotation issue. The game also runs smoother and faster on most devices.

Four new planets: Trappist-1D, Trappist-1E, Trappist-1F, and Europa

Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK has also added four new planets to the game: Trappist-1D, Trappist-1E, Trappist-1F, and Europa. These planets are based on real exoplanets and moons that have been discovered by astronomers. Trappist-1D, Trappist-1E, and Trappist-1F are part of the Trappist-1 System, a system of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a red dwarf star about 40 light-years away from Earth. Europa is one of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, and is thought to have a subsurface ocean of liquid water. You can destroy these planets with any weapon you like and see how they react.

New system selection prompt

Another new feature in Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK is the system selection prompt that appears when you start the game. This prompt allows you to choose which system you want to play in: Planet Smash or System Smash. You can also change your system at any time by tapping on the system icon on the top left corner of the screen.

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solar smash 1.8.

How to download and install Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK?

Download the APK file from a trusted source

To download and install Solar Smash 1.8.1 APK, you need to get the APK file from a trusted source. You can find many websites that offer the APK file for free, but make sure they are safe and reliable. One of the websites that you can use is [APKPure], which provides original and pure APK files without any modifications or viruses.

Enable unknown sources on your device settings