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The Rare Occasions | "Notion" Official Music Video

LA-based and New England-bred indie rock band The Rare Occasions have released an emotionally charged music video for their single, "Stay" via Under the Radar. Integrating sweeping orchestral arrangements into a gritty lo-fi garage rock soundscape, "Stay" delves head-first into the psychological turbulence of a relationship unravelling. On the writing process, lead singer Brian McLaughlin shares: "The three of us took a real collaborative journey creating this song, embracing electronic and orchestral elements as an extension of our usual indie rock sound. It will make you wonder whether or not to dance, cry, or maybe both."

The Rare Occasions | "Notion" Official Music Video

Accompanying the new song is a colorful, fun music video. Connecting and/or creating visuals along with your music is another layer of the process that brings the whole project to the next level. Where do you get your ideas for these visual pieces?

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