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Where To Buy Bmw Engine Oil REPACK

If you have ever researched engine oil and gave up because of the never-ending debates, acronyms, and unsubstantiated claims, hopefully this page will 'click' for you. What we want to do is educate our customers and other enthusiasts who might have a casual understanding of engine oil and want to learn more. From our racing programs, project cars, service work, and our own personal experience we have accumulated deep understanding of what oil should be and what it isn't. We're not oil chemists or engineers and not part of the API (an oil industry trade group) so these are our impressions based on experience and research.

where to buy bmw engine oil

TL;DR:- Allow oil to reach optimum temperature before driving hard - 210-220F if you have an oil temp gauge. Without a gauge wait until the coolant temp gauge is at normal center position. - Use a high quality oil if you expect high performance. With engine oil you absolutely get what you pay for - pay a little more and you get better oil.- Match your oil to your engine spec and mileage, which may not be what's in your owner's manual.- Our recommended oil change interval is 5,000 miles.- Get a regular used oil analysis done to observe internal engine wear as well as oil compatibility.- Get out and drive! Avoid short trips where oil never reaches optimum temp and moisture doesn't burn off. Once up to temp, open the throttle(s) and give your engine the opportunity to recirculate oil.

You will be paying around $80 to $120 in labor depending on whether you go with an independent mechanic or a dealership. Labor costs are usually broken down into two categories, labor rate and labor time required. BMW dealerships and independent mechanics usually charge around an hour of labor for an oil and filter change. However, it usually takes them anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes to do with specialized equipment.

BMW recommends an oil change every 10K miles, which is a longer service interval than manufacturers that use conventional oil. However, you may need to change your oil more frequently based on your driving style (e.g. daily commuting, track driving, etc). We recommend replacing your engine oil every 5k miles or 1 year, whichever comes first, because this is an easy way to extend the life of your engine.

You can easily find out the most suitable engine oil type for your vehicle by looking at the oil change chart located under the hood, on the chassis, or around the engine block. BMW engines use synthetic oil only so you should be careful when you are choosing a brand.

Engine oils consist of base oil and additives. Since synthetic oils contain more refined base oils than ordinary mineral oils, they provide outstanding protection and performance and last longer than conventional oil. Synthetic engine oils also offer a variety of benefits, including anti-wear, engine cleaning, improved circulation, and corrosion resistance to keep your engine performing at its best for years to come.

Safety always comes first when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Therefore, if you are changing the oil for the first time or even if you have changed the oil many times before, there are some rules that you must follow to perform the engine oil change process safely and efficiently.

Cooled oil will not be drained correctly. Therefore, before starting work, drive your car for 5 minutes to bring the oil up to normal operating temperature. Park your car on a flat and level surface, then turn off the engine. Open the hood and remove the oil filler cap, which will allow the oil to flow freely when you drain it.

Next, you will need get enough clearance under your engine for you to slide under. If you need to jack up your car, start by placing wheel chocks behind the rear wheels. Jack the front of the car up and place your car on jack stands like these ESCO jack stands. NEVER get under a car that is only supported by a jack.

While the oil is draining, locate and loosen the oil filter with the appropriate oil filter wrench or socket. Place a drain pan underneath the oil filter and carefully remove the oil filter without touching any of the hot engine components. The oil filter may be heavy as it may be filled with oil. Therefore, slowly lower it away from the engine and empty the contents into the drain pan. Some oil filters are in a horizontal position and can leak dirty and hot engine oil when loosened. Be prepared for this spill by carrying a rag or cloth with you.

Take the new oil filter and seal and install it into the oil filter cap. Apply a light coat of new oil to the oil filter seal. Screw the new oil filter onto the engine. The filter should screw on easily when placed correctly. Tighten the filter manually until it is snug, then use a torque wrench to torque it to spec. Now, clean the drain plug, place a new seal on it, reinstall it onto the drain pan, and torque it to spec.

Lower your car. Do not start the engine at this stage. Otherwise, significant damage may occur. On top of the engine, place a funnel into the oil fill. Fill your engine with new oil, but add 0.5 quarters less than the oil capacity to prevent overfilling. Replace the cap and wipe up any spilled oil. Start your engine and let it run for a few minutes, turn it off, and then check the oil level again with the dipstick. Top off the engine oil as necessary.

The last and, in a way, the most important step in your oil change process is the correct disposal of the old oil you drained from the engine. Old engine oil is very harmful to the environment and its safe disposal is of paramount importance. Transfer the old oil to a sealable container and recycle it at your local auto parts store.

The ADVANTEC PRO and ULTIMATE engine oils were specifically developed for BMW Motorrad high-performance engines. The ADVANTEC name directly reflects the themes of technology and progress while expressing a promise of quality for the customer: Original BMW Motorrad Engine Oils have unique formulas to guarantee long-term performance while retaining a value position to other premium competitors in the market.

Engine oil quality depends largely on its main components: the base oils. They make up approximately 75-90% of engine oil. Original BMW Engine Oils are based on the new patented PurePlus Technology TM, which refines base oils from natural gas instead of crude oil. The result, crystal clear base oils that contain virtually none of the impurities found in crude oils. PurePlus Technology TM marks a breakthrough in how engine oils are formulated to provide enhanced viscosity, reduced friction and lower volatility.

BMW Motorrad Advantec Ultimate Best quality fully synthetic four-stroke motorcycle oil designed to ensure maximum power, performance, and durability, even under the most demanding riding condtions. BMW Motorrad Advantec Ultimate SAE 5W40 meets the highest level industry certifications (API SN, JASO MA-2), as well as BMW's stringent engine performance tests. Made from Shell PurePlus base oils with Active Cleansing Technology, this premium oil will keep your engine factory clean, improve fuel economy, and maximize your engine life.

Wunderlich Folding Oil FunnelHere's a handy little funnel that stores flat and can be stowed virtually anywhere. It's made of a robust material that's impervious to fuel and oil. When needed, push the funnel into shape and use it to top off your oil or to fill a small fuel container. Wipe it clean and save it for the next time. Its 100% re-useable and it will last for many years.

Bizol Technology 0W-20 is a synthetic motor oil effective especially for downsized modern engines which need to be very fuel efficient. It is suitable for engines with exhaust-gas-turbocharger . The combination of base oils and additives result in a motor oil which provides an effective wear protection at high and low external temperatures.

BMW Longlife-04 TwinPower Turbo SAE 0W-30 is a synthetic engine oil. It enables the engine to deliver the best performance and is therefore completely reliable even under demanding conditions. Shell PurePlus Technology protects the engine much better than industry standards dictate. The BMW Longlife-04 TwinPower Turbo 0W-30 engine oil is listed under part numbers 83212365929 and 83212405950 as well as part number 83212465854. The 3 part numbers are therefore identical products.

You want your motorcycle to ride the same as it did on the first day even after thousands of miles. Regular service can help maintain vehicle performance. ADVANTEC Original BMW Engine Oil is formulated for the needs of your machine's engine. Because it was developed by the same specialists who built it.

It's important to understand that not all engine oil is created equally. There are options based on the engine you have as well as the performance you're looking to get. Here are the available options:

Conventional engine oil has been the traditional recommendation for decades and has been recommended by most automotive manufacturers; it is historically made for the older models. BMW has been phasing out conventional oil as a recommendation for newer models. However, we provide a standard oil change service for those BMW models that require it..

BMW recommends full-synthetic engine oil for most of its models due to the increased engine protection and the high-performance yet efficient nature of BMW engines. We will only install the genuine BMW OEM synthetic oil recommended explicitly for your model.

Diesel vehicles take their own type of oil. Lucky for your, BMW has developed an outstanding service for diesel-engine BMW models featuring BMW Twinpower Turbo engines. BMW specifically recommends the 5W-30 for use in diesel models. This oil is fully synthetic and engineered for lubricating diesel engines.

Oil is a necessary component of your engine because it offers lubrication to all of the moving parts. Engine oil is also an essential part of reducing friction inside the engine, eliminating any overheating. Additionally, maintaining the correct level of oil keeps everything flowing correctly. 041b061a72


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