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Friends Season 9 Complete 720p BRrip 183

Friends Season 9 Complete 720p BRrip 183

Friends is one of the most popular and beloved sitcoms of all time, following the lives and adventures of six friends in New York City. The ninth season of Friends aired from September 26, 2002 to May 15, 2003 on NBC in the US. It was the penultimate season of the show, and it featured some of the most memorable and emotional moments in the series.


In this article, we will review the main plot points and highlights of Friends season 9, as well as provide information on how to download and watch the complete season in high quality (720p) with a small file size (183 MB per episode).

Season Summary

This season follows Ross and Rachel living together with baby Emma after she and Joey clear up the misdirected proposal. However, Ross' paranoia over Rachel dating again leads the two to fight, causing Rachel and Emma to move in with Joey. As the two spend more and more time together, Rachel starts to develop her own feelings for Joey, which he remains blissfully unaware of. Ross meets Charlie Wheeler, a fellow paleontologist that he soon becomes attracted to. However, when Ross and Rachel both decide to pursue their feelings for Charlie and Joey, only to find they (Joey and Charlie) have begun a relationship.

Monica and Chandler, inspired by Ross and Rachel, decide to try for a baby. Chandler is also promoted at work, but is also transferred to Tulsa. Monica is initially willing to move, until she gets a great job herself in New York. Therefore, Chandler starts working in Tulsa four days a week then flying to New York for the weekend. Neither Monica or Chandler enjoy this very much, and things come to a head when Chandler is told he has to work over Christmas. Unable to handle being separated from his wife, Chandler quits his job. Chandler quickly gets a new job in advertising, and he and Monica begin trying for a baby but without success. They seek medical advice and discover that it is unlikely that they will be able to conceive through natural means. The two decide to look into adoption.

Phoebe meets Mike Hannigan, a divorced pianist who Phoebe gets along well with and the two start dating. When Mike tells Phoebe that he never wants to marry again, the two break-up however both are miserable. David "the scientist guy" returns from Minsk for good and the two gets back together. Mike however decides he's made a mistake and wants Phoebe back, proposing to her at the same time David does. Phoebe chooses Mike over David, but decides not to marry him. Joey and Charlie's relationship ends up going nowhere as they have nothing in common and Charlie becomes attracted to Ross. The two break up while in Barbados, where the group has gone to hear Ross give a keynote speech at a paleontology conference. Rachel tells Joey of her feelings for him, but Joey turns her down as he is unwilling to hurt Ross. However, when he sees Ross kissing Charlie, Joey changes his mind and returns to Rachel. The season ends as the two start kissing.

Season Highlights

  • The One Where No One Proposes: Joey finds himself engaged to Rachel soon after she delivers her baby girl, while Phoebe assumes Ross is the one who proposed; Joey sneaks a peek as Rachel tries unsuccessfully to nurse; Monica and Chandler decide to start trying to have a baby.

  • The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner: Phoebe plans a night out for her birthday, but only her and Joey are on time; Chandler locks himself in a bathroom with Monica's ovulation kit; Rachel has erotic dreams about Joey; Ross breaks his thumb trying to punch Joey.

  • The One with Rachel's Other Sister: Rachel's self-centered younger sister Amy ruins everyone's Thanksgiving dinner by causing arguments amongst the gang; Monica invites her parents over without telling Chandler; Joey tries to eat an entire turkey by himself.

  • The One with Christmas in Tulsa: Chandler has to spend Christmas away from his friends as he is forced to work; Monica suspects he might be having an affair with his co-worker Wendy; Chandler decides to quit his job and return home; Phoebe makes up stories about her life as she watches old videos of the gang.

  • The One Where Monica Sings: Monica gets up on stage and sings at Mike's karaoke night, unaware that the spotlight makes her dress see-through; Ross tries to move on from his failed relationship with Mona by dating one of his students; Joey gets a bad review for his play and blames Chandler for jinxing him.

  • The One with the Mugging: Joey gets mugged by a teenager who turns out to be his old acting buddy; Ross learns that Phoebe used to mug people when she lived on the streets; Chandler gets an internship at an advertising agency, but feels out of place among the young and hip staff.

  • The One with the Lottery: The gang buys lottery tickets hoping to win the jackpot; Phoebe gets a call from her half-brother Frank Jr., who is having trouble coping with his triplets; Rachel thinks Emma is close to saying her first word; Chandler loses the tickets when a pigeon startles him.

  • The One with the Soap Opera Party: Joey throws a party for his fellow soap opera cast members at his apartment, but doesn't invite any of his friends; Rachel sneaks in and meets a handsome actor named Cash; Ross and Chandler go to a rooftop party at Joey's building and end up locked out; Monica and Phoebe try to avoid an annoying woman who used to live in their apartment.

  • The One in Barbados: Part 1 and Part 2: The gang goes to Barbados for Ross' conference; Monica's hair becomes frizzy due to the humidity; Chandler gives David advice on how to propose to Phoebe, but Mike shows up and proposes first; Joey and Charlie break up, and Joey realizes he has feelings for Rachel; Ross and Charlie kiss, and Rachel sees them; Rachel tells Joey she loves him, and they kiss.

Download and Watch

If you want to download and watch Friends season 9 complete in 720p BRrip quality with a small file size of 183 MB per episode, you can use the following link:

This link will take you to a torrent site where you can download the entire season as a single file. You will need a torrent client such as BitTorrent or uTorrent to download the file. Once you have downloaded the file, you can use any media player that supports MKV format to watch the episodes.

Alternatively, you can also stream the episodes online using the following link:

This link will take you to a streaming site where you can watch the episodes without downloading them. You will need a stable internet connection and a web browser that supports HTML5 video to watch the episodes.


Friends season 9 is one of the best seasons of the show, with many hilarious, romantic, and dramatic moments. It also sets up the stage for the final season of the show, where the friends will face some major changes in their lives. Whether you want to download or stream the episodes, you can enjoy watching Friends season 9 complete in high quality with this article.


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