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Dear John: I will never forseeably be able to "afford" even the better, cheaper-to-maintain 2006 & later Bentley GTs. while you may not want to, could ALL of the Vw-bentleys be "fixed" with a "system-replacement", Knowing that would "Trash" the residual-value of the unit on the "previously-owned" market? I have a Fiat-Abarth, which I LOVE, and yet there's not enough Space to fit a Bentley, "Mineral-oil" suspension on it, if I desired it, and yet, it would be "good" to travel over speed-bumps, which I believe the system allows, without losing control of my Fiat. what could I use to fit to my Fiat-Abarth 500 Cabrio, so hitting a speed-bump won't destroy a shock-absorberas has happened in the Past. I am Retired Ex-military, living on a fixed-income, and my Fiat-Abarth is my one vehicular-indulgence. Thank-You Very Much, for light shed on this issue. Sincerely, Jack K Dale

buy bentley gt



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