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Wagakki Band Joshou [NEW]

Shigin singer Yuko Suzuhana (who had been elected Miss Nico Nama ニコ生 in 2011), shakuhachi player Daisuke Kaminaga, and koto player Kiyoshi Ibukuro formed the band Hanafugetsu in February 2012.[7][8] Suzuhana also played piano at this time. Suzuhana then conceived a band that fused the traditional and modern sides of Japanese culture, leading to the formation of Wagakki Band.[citation needed]

Wagakki Band Joshou

Bassist Asa, a popular Vocaloid producer and creator of the hit song "Yoshiwara Lament", then joined the band.[5] During a gig in a Shibuya bar, the band was approached by shamisen player Ninagawa Beni, who became the final addition to the band.[7][9] The formation of the new band was officially announced in March 2013.[11][12] They initially operated under the name Suzuhana Yuko with Wagakki Band, but by early 2014 the name was shortened to simply Wagakki Band.[13][10]

The band's first hall concert, Wagakki Band Daishinnenkai 2015 (和楽器バンド大新年会2015), was held at Shibuya Public Hall in January 2015.[13] Their first independent overseas concert, Taipei Dayanchanghui (台北大演唱会), was held in Taiwan in May of that year.[13] Also in 2015, Wagakki Band headlined a sold-out concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles in conjunction with Anime Expo. The Vocaloid IA software persona was the opening act, also in her first North American live show.[13] They appeared in their first television commercial that year, for Kirin Mets.[13] The album Yasou Emaki (八奏絵卷) was released in September 2015[22] and reached number one on the weekly Oricon chart.[13]

In May 2019, Wagakki Band performed as part of Japan Night 2019 in New York with Hyde, Misia, and Puffy AmiYumi.[26] A month later, the band signed a global contract with Universal Music Japan sublabel Universal Sigma after five years with Avex Group. As part of the deal, the band's management was transferred to the newly-formed Ignite Management (イグナイトマネージメント, Igunaito Manējimento). In a press statement published by Suzuhana, the band wanted to challenge themselves in a new musical environment.[27] The EP React, featuring four new songs, was released in December 2019.[28]

On 16 February 2020, the band performed their "Premium Symphonic Night Vol.2" concert at Osaka-jō Hall, featuring a full orchestra and a special guest appearance by Evanescence lead vocalist Amy Lee.[29] Lee also collaborated with the band in recording the single "Sakura Rising".[30] The band's fifth studio album Tokyo Singing, which includes the collaboration with Amy Lee, was released in October 2020.[31][32]

On 17 August 2022, the band released their sixth studio album Vocalo Zanmai 2 to commemorate their eighth anniversary. Four days later, Suzuhana announced that she and Ibukuro married on 4 March 2020, and she was pregnant with their first child.[33][34] On 22 September, the band announced they would host their Vocalo Zanmai 2 tour without Suzuhana due to her pregnancy and health issues.[35] Suzuhana gave birth to a baby girl on 25 November.[36]

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